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bringing Music for what's next

A record label built for what's next. We're a collective fueled by next generation hybrid-artists. We are here to redefine what it means to be an artist in a whole new dimension.

The BIG FIVE GROUP has expanded the innovation family with its own record label: BIG FIVE RCRDS.  Wich represents a record label of a new generation that enables new dimensions of music distribution through blockchain technology.  We sign ambitious artist based on smart contracts and build a NFT culture around music that connects fans with artists on a whole new, more authentic way with their favourite artists. We are here to build the Savanna of music that connects the digital with the physical world. 

Savanna beats club

I'm a real world artist, giving music a new voice that connects virtuality and reality.

I’m super glad to join the BIG FIVE RCRDS as the very first Savanna Beats Club Artist. After more than 10 years of being an active member of the electronic dance music scene and endless hours of producing beats, mashups and remixes I decided to go public with a special concept. As the world of music has changed through the global pandemic I thought it would be great to join the evolution without forgetting about the past. I want to bring the pre pandemic mainstage vibes to the underground to guide people’s mind into that golden times and bring back the love, the rythms and the feelings that united us and will united us forever. 

Stage #1

Savanna Beats Club

A next generation Artist collective

The Savanna Beats Club is the first stage of a long term journey to build a artist collective driven by NFTs. In this first stage we enable 555 holders from the BIG FIVE Savanna Club to Mint a Savanna Beats Club NFT which represents the evolution of a artist contract, which is a smart contract stored on the blockchain. The 555 Savanna Beats Club owners represent the artist collective that will be supported by the BIG FIVE RCRDS as well as promoted accros the entire BIG FIVE community.

Reshaping the music industry and introducing a new fan / artist relationship shaped by blockchain technology and a new standard of NFT culture.

There are a bunch of problems in todays music industry. Some of the biggest are the fallacy of 1,000 true fans, the not existing middle class in music and that music as the original product is being undervalued. And that’s where we think NFTs can come in and help. We want to reshape the music industry with utility based NFTs that enable whole new opportunities both for artists and for the fans.

The Savanna Beats Club Memberschip gives you the power to shape the future of music.