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music nft

create the future of music

Savanna beats club
artist collective
NFT Drop
Supply: 555

The future of music will be decentralized and opens never seen possibilities for creative minded artists. We at BIG FIVE RCRDS want to enable artists to move into the future of music.

The Savanna Beats Club NFT will enable a new way of music distribution and community interaction for artists and will expand future opportunities to build deeper connections through music.


Not just a Music NFT.

It's your entrance to influencing a new generation of music and become an artist of tomorrow.

The entrance levels




Savanna Beats Club


Full Artist Access

BIG FIVE Savanna Club


Fan Access

NANDY Genesis


Fan Access, Specials, Airdops, Live Events

Artist Genesis Collections


Fan Access, Specials, Airdops, Live Events​

The journey

This is something for your mind, your body and your soul. A way to lose control over your senses, your thoughts and your feelings. We are here to get an understanding of: Who we are? Where we come from? And what direction we are heading in life? It’s about finding yourself in the moment, living in now and forgetting about the past.

So we go wild with the blast. For all we know when we be our last. Try to show the world that we are the generation that was here to make a change. We held on together as we all match to the beat. United by music, peace, love and freedom. These are choices that we make, that make us what we are. Our Ying. Our Yang. So once again: Let’s all get together and unite to the beats of our life.

The Artist token

As a Savanna Beats Club Mixtape Token Holder, you will get lifetime access to the BIG FIVE RCRDS artist room. A digital collaboration portal for musicians and producers of a new generation. Where artist will be able to launch their own NFT culture around their music and events.

We will expand the token utilities in the future and add special Tiers for bookings and management, artist marketing, brand development and merchandise production services to help the Savanna Beats Club artist sharing their art with the public.

In addition to that every NFT holder will get exclusive early mint access to Genesis collections of our artists to build a self supporting artist collective.

The Savanna Beats Club Memberschip gives you the power to shape the future of music.

The Mint

Mint details




0.05 ETH



about the mint

The Savanna Beat Club Mixtabe Token Mint will be split into two phases. In the first phase we will enable members of the BIG FIVE Savanna Club, which is a NFT project from the BIG FIVE GROUP about onboarding the consumer blockchain to connect their existing NFT with a Savanna Beats Club NFT. The community mint will be opened for 5 days. After that the remaining tokens will be available for the public mint to open the BIG FIVE RCRDS gate for musicians and artists from outside the BIG FIVE community. 

Are you ready for what's next?

Join the BIG FIVE Savanna Club and have the chance to mint a Savanna Beats Club Token as first.